24 July, 2014

Grade 1-4 Field Trip

Student of Grade 1- 4 visited the Bhavan's Nature Park on 12-7-14. students enjoyed  different activities conducted in the park. They experienced the thrill of doing nature craft,went on a nature trail and learnt about pet care

Grade 1 Activity for Introduction of Ascending and Descending numbers

Ascending Descending activity was conducted with grade 1 students on staircase and with flash cards in the class.

Design and Technology Level 1 String Instrument

Design and Technology Level 1

String Instrument

Students of grade 4 constructed the model of a Guitar. Rubber bands were used in place of the strings. A guitar produces sound when the strings vibrate.

Students learnt about the production and the propagation of sound

Design and Technology Level 2 Cartesian Diver

Design and Technology Level 2

Cartesian Diver

This experiment is related to Archimedes Principle, which states that "the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces."

Students of grade 5 constructed a Cartesian Diver. The submarine works on the same principle of displacement of water.

Grade 2 :Science : Treasure Hunt

A recap for the lesson Rocks and Minerals was done with the help of a treasure hunt activity .Students were given one chit each and were asked to hunt for the rocks and minerals which were hidden in the class .Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and promptly answered the questions that followed.

Grade 7: Activity on levels of organisation.

Grade 7: Activity on levels of organisation.

As a recap activity, students were asked to make a chart on the different levels of organisation of living organisms. Pictures related to the different levels were drawn and pasted on the chart.
Students enjoyed the activity and also learnt about the concept of organisation.

Grade 1 Math - Odd and Even Activity

Odd and Even concept was introduced by playing Partner - Partner Game with Grade 1 students.

Grade 1 Math- Ordinal Activity

Ordinal numbers was taught by playing Frog Race with Grade 1 students.

Grade 3 Science: Fibres

Grade 3 Science

This lesson was all about different kinds of fibres. Students learnt about man-made and natural fibres, through explanation and videos.

Samples of fibres were displayed and collected for a chart.

Activity: To experience how a cloth is weaved, a simple paper-mat weaving activity was done in the class. 

Grade 3 Science: Parts of Plants

Grade 3 Science

Parts of Plants

Students went on a nature walk around the school garden. They observed varieties of plants, and studied different roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

They were amazed to see a climber climbing high up along a suspended cable.

18 July, 2014

Investiture 2014

Investiture Ceremony- 2014-15
Election for the student council for the academic year 2014-2015 was held in the school. Secondary section students casted their vote for Admirals, House Captains and Assistant House Captains and Committe Members. Based on the number of votes the council members were selected.
The Investiture Ceremony was held in school on 14th of July 2014. The council members were felicitated by the supervisors and respective house mistresses, followed by taking of the oath.
Election results:                                                                                                                                  
1st Admiral: Gaurang Beli
2nd Admiral: Sanjana Dhamankar

Blue House                                                                                
Captain: Siddhant Mohata   
Vice captain:  Shubham Raigagla 
House Mistress: Ms. Sakshi Rahate/ Ms. Indira Anand

Green house 
 Captain: Adrian Fernandes
 Vice captain:  Vaishnavi Thite
House Mistress: Ms. Sweety Shah/ Ms. Karishma Naik

 Captain:   Vedant Kunte
 Vice captain:  Udbhav Dalal 
House Mistress: Ms. Anu Sanjo/ Ms. Swastika Pandey

 Captain: Aashi Mehta
 Vice captain: Ustav Tiwari 
House Mistress: Debbie Franklin/ Ms. Sarika Joshi

Committee Members

1. Paras Kamdar
2. Aaditya Prabhu
3. Raj Chitnis
4. Riya Karkera
5. Yutika Suvarna
6. Sakshi Mehta
7. Rahil Shah
8. Darshan Mehta
9. Priyam Mittal
10. Shubraa Moorty

Turncoat Competition – Grade 7

Turncoat  Competition – Grade 7
Children of Grade 7 argued their hearts out to prove their point of view with Turncoat, the first English competition held on June 30. The children expressed their views beautifully and made sure they convinced the audience with an enthralling performance.

Winners of the Turncoat Competition:
7 A 1. Ishaan Shah
       2. Harshita Sipani

7 B  1. Neel Amonkar
        2. Megan Pawar

7 C. 1. Aastha Kansara
        2. Pratik Bapat

Grade 6: SST Activity conducted for Indus Valley Civilization

Students of grade 6 did a group activity, where children brought in the pictures related to Indus Valley Civilization.  They prepared a picture collage revealing the history of the Civilization.  Students were enthusiastic to bring in more information beyond the text.  They shared this information amongst other groups in the class.

Grade 6: Field Trip to BNHS on 12th July, 2014

Students of Grade  5 and  6 were taken for a field trip to Bombay Natural History Society, Goregaon on 12th July, 2014.  A workshop was conducted giving information about rare species of wild life.  Students were made aware of the importance of preservation of our Environment.  They were also taken for a nature trail, where they were shown and given information on wild plantation available in the forest path.  Children enjoyed the trail in rains and showed keen interest in knowledge gained.

14 July, 2014

Math activity grade 6

Grade 6 Mathematics: Fundamental concepts of Geometry
A group activity was conducted on 27th June on the sub topics lines and line segments. The teacher demonstrated the activity to the children to show that many lines can pass through a given point and one and only one line can be drawn through any two fixed points with the help of a cut out of the circles. Children enjoyed doing the activity and were engrossed in the same.

Grade 6 Math activity

Grade 6 : Math Activity for Fundamental concept of Algebra
The activity was conducted on 1st July . It was conducted to introduce the concept of variables and constants. The children were asked to make a pattern of steps by using match sticks and complete the table according to the number of match sticks used to make the steps. 

Math activity Gr 3

Blog: for Grade 3.
Fraction Activity:
Learning Fraction was a fun activity for Grade 3 learners as they learnt the topic with
Fractions of Pizza which is favourite of all kids. Different pieces of the paper plate pizza
 were used to explain them the concept as a whole as well as fractions. Then the learners
 were given small circle shaped cut outs from which they were asked to fold the circle and
 then colour the folded part or parts to create a fraction of their choice.

08 July, 2014