03 January, 2017

Fwd: Grade 7: Types of Bacteria.

To boost the understanding of students regarding the different types of bacteria.A group activity was conducted wherein the students drew the pictures of various types of bacteria.

Grade-3 Science activity

Students of Grade -3 did an activity on instruments for measuring the weather.

Each  student was given a  card board cut out of a cock, a straw and a chop stick.The teacher  then  gave them instructions, how to  assemble them and make a model of a wind vane. The students then coloured the cock and were very excited to see their model of wind vane.

Grade 1 & 2 : Sports Week

Sports day was held from 19th Dec to 22nd Dec'16 .The students entered into the spirit of the occasion and participated in different athletics, traditional and fun games events throughout the week .All the students participated with great enthusiasm.

19 December, 2016

Grade 3 Comprhension (Answer Key)



1.                 Where did Drona go to get brinjals?

To get brinjals, Drona went to the field where lots of brinjals grew and it belonged to Bhairav.


2.                 What did Drona do to take the brinjals from the field?

Drona, bent down beside brinjal plants, pretending to be the field and took a dozen of brinjals from the field.


3.                    How did Bhairav punish Drona?

Bhairav punished Drona by dipping him hundred times or even more in a pond.


Application based question:


If you were Bhairav, how would you punish Drona for stealing your brinjals?

Your opinion

Language Record:

Give a synonym of consent from the passage: permission

Give an antonym of straight from the passage: bent


Directed Writing:

Imagine you are Drona from the passage and are now narrating your experience of stealing the brinjals from Bhairav's field. Use the following pointers to narrate your experience.

1.                 Why did you want to get brinjals?

2.                 From where and how did you get them?

3.                 To whom did the brinjal field belong to and what did he do to you?

4.                 What lesson did you learn after this bad experience?

Hi, I am Drona. I lived in a small village. I loved brinjal sambhar a lot. Near the village there was a field where lots of brinjals grew. It belonged to Bhairav.


I went to the field, but did not take a brinjal and run away. Instead, I bent down beside the brinjal plants, so that my mouth would be close to the ground. I asked the field for permission to take the brinjal. Pretending myself to be the field, I permitted myself to take as many as I wish . I took a dozen brinjal and went home. I wanted to eat some more brinjal sambhar, so I went to the field the second time and then repeated the same.


Bhairav was the owner of the field, he knew somebody was stealing his brinjals. He was a giant and the most hard working man in the village. He decided to keep a watch on his field. One night he saw me going to the brinjals and asking the field for permission to take the brinjals, as usual. But before I could move to pluck the brinjals, Bhairav pounced on me and carried me to the edge of a pond. Then he dip me hundred times or even more in a pond. I got home very late that night.


After that incident I never stole any brinjals again. I learnt a lesson that stealing is taking something that belongs to another person. The honest way of getting goods is to buy them with money.


15 December, 2016

Grade 4 Comprehension Answer Key

Grade 4 Comprehension Answer Key

                            ANDROCLUS AND THE LION

In Rome there was once a poor slave whose name was Androclus. His master was a cruel man, and so unkind to him that at last Androclus ran away. He hid himself in the woods for many days; but there was no food to be found, and he grew weak and sick. One day he crept into a cave and lay down, and soon he was fast asleep. After a while a great noise woke him up. A lion had come into the cave, and was roaring loudly. Androclus was very much afraid, for he felt sure that the beast would kill him. Soon, however, he saw that the lion was not angry, but that he limped as though his foot hurt him.

 Then Androclus grew so bold that he took hold of the lion's lame paw to see what was the matter. The lion stood quite still, and rubbed his head against the man's shoulder. He seemed to say,— "I know that you will help me."Androclus lifted the paw from the ground, and saw that it was a long, sharp thorn which hurt the lion so much. He took the end of the thorn in his fingers; then he gave a strong, quick pull, and out it came. The lion was full of joy. He jumped about like a dog, and licked the hands and feet of his new friend.

Androclus was not at all afraid after this; and when night came, he and the lion lay down and slept side by side. For a long time, the lion brought food to Androclus every day; and the two became such good friends, that Androclus found his new life, a very happy one.

One day some soldiers who were passing through the wood found Androclus in the cave. They knew who he was, and so took him back to Rome. It was the law at that time that every slave who ran away from his master should be made to fight a hungry lion. So a fierce lion was shut up for a while without food, and a time was set for the fight.

 When the day came, thousands of people crowded to see the sport. They went to such places at that time, very much as people now-a-days go to see a circus or a game of baseball. The door opened, and poor Androclus was brought in. He was very afraid, for the roars of the lion could already be heard. He looked up, and saw that there was no pity in the thousands of faces around him.Then the hungry lion rushed in. With a single bound he reached the poor slave. Androclus gave a great cry, not of fear, but of gladness. It was his old friend, the lion of the cave.

 The people, who had expected to see the man killed by the lion, were filled with wonder. They saw Androclus put his arms around the lion's neck; they saw the lion lie down at his feet, and lick them lovingly; they saw the great beast rub his head against the slave's face as though he wanted to be petted. They could not understand what it all meant. After a while they asked Androclus to tell them about it. So he stood up before them, and, with his arm around the lion's neck, told how he and the beast had lived together in the cave.

"I am a man," he said; "but no man has ever befriended me. This poor lion alone has been kind to me; and we love each other as brothers."

The people were not so bad that they could be cruel to the poor slave now. "Live and be free!" they cried. "Live and be free!"

Others cried, "Let the lion go free too! Give both of them their liberty!"

And so Androclus was set free, and the lion was given to him for his own. And they lived together in Rome for many years.


Tick the correct option:

1.     Androclus was a

a.      soldier

b.     master

c.     poor slave

    2. Why did Androclus run away?

a.      because he wanted to meet the lion.

b.     because his master was cruel and unkind to him.

c.     because his master was very loving and kind.

   3. The lion was full of joy

a.      when Androclus removed the sharp thorn which hurt the lion.

b.     when he got food.

c.     When Androclus was taken back to Rome.

Answer the following questions:

1.     How did Androclus help the lion in the cave?

Androclus helped the lion in the cave by removing the sharp thorn which hurted the lion a lot.


2.     Why was Androclus  made to fight a hungry lion?

Androclus was made to fight a hungry lion because it was a rule that time that every slave who runs away from his master should be made to fight a hungry lion.


3.     Why do you think the crowd wanted Androclus and the lion to be free?

I think the crowd wanted Androclus and the lion to be free because they wanted that  they both should get their freedom and live their life happily together.

4.     Find the word from the passage which means "servant"    slave .

5.     Find the word from the passage which means "freedom"  liberty.

Language record

      Frame sentences of your own


Tick the correct word class





The hunter killed the beast with a single arrow through the heart.



Mr. Beckham was a cruel and a nasty man.

Directed writing

Imagine you are Androclus a slave. Write about your new friend, and how you found a new life with the lion.

·        How did you help the lion?

·        What did the soldiers do after taking you to Rome?

·        Why were the people surprised at the end?

·        How did you feel at the end?


                 Hello, I am Androclus. I was a poor slave. My master was very rude to me that is the reason why I ran away. One day I entered a cave and went fast asleep. Suddenly I heard a weird noise and I woke up.  I saw a lion roaring loudly who seemed not so angry, but that he limped as though his foot was hurt. Though I was scared i grew bold and went closer to him to see what was the matter. Then I lifted the paw and saw that it was a long and a sharp thorn which hurt the lion so much. I took the end of the thorn and pulled it out. The lion was full of joy and we both became good friends.

              One day some soldiers passing through the woods saw me hiding in the cave. They took me back to Rome. I was made to fight a hungry lion because It was the law at that time that every slave who runs away from his master should be made to fight a hungry lion.

              Many people had crowded to see me fighting with a lion. The door was opened and I was brought in. I was very scared as heard the lions roar. As I looked around I saw that the people who had come to see had no pity on me. Soon the lion rushed in and stood in front of me. The moment I saw him I was filled with joy because  It was the lion, my old friend of the cave. I put my arms around the lion's neck and lion rubbed his head against my face. The people who had expected me to be killed by the lion were surprised to see our friendship.

              My eyes filled with tears of joy and I felt very happy that I got a true friend who was very kind and helped me.

14 December, 2016

Grade 5 Robotics Figure Skater

Grade 5 Robotics
Figure Skater

Model of a skater was constructed. This was an easy model to assemble and proved to be a fun activity for the students.

10 December, 2016

Grade 8 Comphrehension

I.     Read Passage A carefully, and then answer questions given below. 


Passage A : In this extract from a story called 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', Dr Watson walks across moorland to track down a mysterious and frightening stranger. 

The man in the hut

 The sun was already sinking when I reached the summit of the hill, and the long slopes beneath me were all golden-green on one side and grey shadow on the other. A haze lay low upon the farthest sky-line, out of which jutted the fantastic shapes of Belliver and Vixen Tor (names of hills). Over the wide expanse there was no sound and no movement. One great grey bird, a gull or curlew, soared aloft in the blue heaven. He and I seemed to be the only living things between the huge arch of the sky and the desert beneath it. The barren scene, the sense of loneliness, and the mystery and urgency of my task all struck a chill into my heart. Down beneath me in a cleft of the hills there was a circle of the old stone huts, and in the middle of them there was one which retained sufficient roof to act as a screen against the weather. My heart leaped within me as I saw it. This must be the burrow where the stranger lurked. At last my foot was on the threshold of his hiding-place — his secret was within my grasp. 

As I approached the hut, I satisfied myself that the place had indeed been used as a habitation. A vague pathway among the boulders led to the dilapidated opening which served as a door. All was silent within. The unknown might be lurking there, or he might be prowling on the moor. My nerves tingled with the sense of adventure. Throwing aside my cigarette, I closed my hand upon the butt of my revolver, and, walking swiftly up to the door, I looked in. The place was empty. 

But there were ample signs that I had not come upon a false scent. This was certainly where the man lived. Some blankets rolled in a waterproof lay upon that very stone slab upon which neolithic man had once slumbered. The ashes of a fire were heaped in a rude grate. Beside it lay some cooking utensils and a bucket half-full of water. A litter of empty tins showed that the place had been occupied for some time. In the middle of the hut a flat stone served the purpose of a table, and upon this stood a small cloth bundle. It contained a loaf of bread, a tinned tongue, and two tins of preserved peaches. 

Outside the sun was sinking low and the west was blazing with scarlet and gold. Its reflection was shot back in ruddy patches by the distant pools which lay amid the Great Grimpen Mire(an area of marshland) .There were the two towers of Baskerville Hall, and there a distant blur of smoke which marked the village of Grimpen. All was sweet and mellow and peaceful in the golden evening light, and yet as I looked at them my soul shared none of the peace of Nature, but quivered at the vagueness and the terror of that interview which every instant was bringing nearer. With tingling nerves, but a fixed purpose, I sat in the dark recess of the hut and waited with sombre patience for the coming of its tenant. 


And then at last I heard him. Far away came the sharp clink of a boot striking upon a stone. Then another and yet another, coming nearer and nearer. I shrank back into the darkest corner, and cocked the pistol in my pocket, determined not to be discovered until I had an opportunity of seeing something of the stranger. There was a long pause, which showed that he had stopped. Then once more the footsteps approached and a shadow fell across the opening of the hut. 

4a.Re-read the passage and mention ten points focusing on the             features of the lands Dr Watson travelled through and his thoughts and feelings on his journey.    (10)                                                                 

4b. Then summarize the points in your own words. It should be in about 130 words.  (5)

07 December, 2016

Grade 2 : English Competition (28th Nov 2016)

English competition was held on 28th Nov, 2016.The competition was based on Spell Bee. All students participated enthusiastically. We congratulate the winners.



Name of the students


2 A


Sholk Timir Sanghavi




Saish Rushikesh Patil




Namra Chintan Jain






2 B


Kush Ajay Agarwal




Manas KedarAmonkar




Himnish AnandChorera






2 C


Bhoomi Tushar Khedkar




Aarnav Jigar Shah




Saish Yogesh Mhatre






2 D


Aditi Aninash Dandekar




Shaarav Pramsanna Shetty




Vaishnavi Harish Ravulapelly






2 E


Aashka Kunal Mehta




Arrush Niitesh Surana




Anaaya Kiran Sinha








Karishma Giraj Daga




Vrinda Viral Gohil




Adit Shailendra Telang








Alisha Joseph Susan




Dhruvi Purvesh Shah




Aarushi Rajguru Yogesh








Darsh Jitendra Patel




Aarya Dipak Malkar




Maitri Nikhil Shetty