03 February, 2010

Wada Trip:
Students of grades 10 to 12 went for a one day trip to Mahalunge Village and the Agro farm at Wada. The Mahlunge village , in Bhivandi block of Thane district is a rehabilitation village . It has won awards for ‘clean village’ in Maharashtra. Students visited the different houses and saw:
Soak pits in each house
Kitchen garden in each house.
Open Village drains, cleaned by the women together on every Tuesday.
Fish tank of “Gappi mase” for reducing mosquito reproduction.

The next stop was the Agro Farm at Wada. Students saw Vermicomposting, Bio gas production, Grafting, Nursery, Milk diary, fish farming, honey bee cultivation and green house cultivation. The final stop was the Vajreshwari Temple where students visited the hot water spring and dipped their feet there.
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