10 August, 2015

Grade 3 Comprehension-2(Dated 7-8-15)

Comprension-2   Grade 3                                              7-8-15

Are You Ready, Sam?

Are You Ready, Sam? The clouds hung low in the grey sky. The chirping of the bluebirds woke me from my restful sleep. As I slowly woke, I got a funny feeling in my stomach. Today was the day. Today, I had to do something I have been afraid to do for a long time. Breakfast was normal and I began to relax.
Mom came into the kitchen asking, "Are you ready, Sam?"
"Yes," I answered quietly. I wasn't really!
The school bus came on time, and I sat with my friend, Billy. We chatted about baseball and trading cards. It was a great way to get my mind off of what I had to do today. As we approached the school, I could feel my heart beating. My hands were starting to sweat. I hated this!
I entered Mrs. Owens' class. She was smiling, and saying hello to all her students as she did every morning.
"Hi Sam," she said as I walked in.
"Hi," I said and quickly sat in my seat. We said the pledge, and then took our spelling test. I looked at the clock. The time was near. I hope I am not first! Mrs. Owens said it was time to begin our special day. Special day? That's a joke.
Mrs. Owens announced, "Sam, you'll be first."
I got up slowly, looking at the ground as I walked to the front of the room. I looked up, and everyone was staring at me. Mrs. Owens must have known I was nervous because she came by me, and put her hand on my back.
She said to the class, "Sam has worked very hard on his report, and I know it is very interesting." Then she turned to me and asked, "Sam, what did you like best about your report on Hawaii?"
I nervously addressed my class saying "aloha." Then, I thought about the fun things I had read about surfing, volcanoes, and pineapples, and I started to talk. Before I knew it, I was telling the class about everything I had learned. I talked in front of the whole class, and it was fun. It wasn't scary after all. The class clapped as I finished and Mrs. Owens was smiling. I was proud of myself.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. What did Sam talk about with his friend Billy in the bus?


2. What do you think we can learn from this passage?

Ans. ______________________________________________________________

3. How would Sam probably feel about talking in front of the class next time?

Ans.______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

4. One of the reasons Sam was eventually able to enjoy his presentation was that:

A. He practiced it with his teacher beforehand

B. He had been to Hawaii

C. He enjoyed his topic

D. His friend Billy was in the class

II. Language Record:

1. From the passage give one word for:

a. a feeling of getting scared: ________________

b. a sport of riding a wave while standing on a surfboard : __________________

Tick the correct word class
Frame a sentence of your own








III. Directed Writing:

Imagine you are Sam. Finally the day came when you had to do something that you were afraid to do for a long time.

  • What were you feelings in the morning when you woke up?
  • What happened when you entered the classroom ?
  • What did you learn on this day and how did you feel in the end?

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