26 August, 2016

Grade 8 – Comprehension blog (August 2016) answer key

Ans 1. This story takes place in the woods.

Ans 2. He was very huge and bulky with overgrown hair / not civilised

Ans 3. 1. the nearest doctor is a hundred miles off.
2. you can't sleep because of the howling of wolves,
3.  the only light is the moon and the eyes in the brush that reflect it.
(Any two points can be given)

Ans 4. When Copper was only four years old he had captured a rattlesnake while playing which he then used as a toy / rattle for him to play.

Ans 5. It was the last  month together for Copper and his mother, so it was a joyful time spent in each another's company doing everything they liked, hence 'sweet', while 'bitter' because they knew they had to part for a new life. (The students should explain in their own words)

Ans 6. He passes away / he dies.

Ans 7. Copper's mom raised him in a crib of elk bones, bedded in ferns and diapered him in a poison oak to toughen him up.

Q8. 1. defenseless – vulnerable
        2. strengthen – toughen

Q9. 1. stayed x migrated
         2. stupidity x brilliance

II Summary                                                                                                  
a. Pick out ten points from the passage which talks about life of Copper from the time he was born till his death.                                                                                    
1. Raised in a crib of elk bones
2. diapered in poisoan oak
3. learnt climbing before he could walk
4. Asked many questions / curious
5. he was very tall and heavy
6. he did not like the sun
7. he felt lonely
8. he could hunt / fish / swim
9. his favourite food was bear claws dipped in honey
10. he left the woods for a city life

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