07 February, 2017

Grade 4-practice comprehension

Grade4- Practice Comprehension

Mowgli is a young boy. He has lived with a pack of wolves in the jungle since he was a baby. Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear have been his friends and teachers. One day, Mowgli is captured by the monkeys and taken to their home on the edge of the jungle. Bagheera and Baloo, with the help of Kaa the rock python come to rescue him. 

The cloud hid the moon and, as Mowgli wondered what would come next, he heard Bagheera's light feet on the terrace. The black panther had raced up the slope almost without a sound and was striking – he knew better than to waste time in biting – right and left among the monkeys who were seated around Mowgli in circles of fifty and sixty deep. There was a howl of fright and rage and then, as Bagheera tripped on the rolling, kicking bodies beneath him, a monkey shouted, 'There is only one here! Kill him! Kill!' A scuffling mass of monkeys, biting, scratching, tearing and pulling, closed over Bagheera, while five or six laid hold of Mowgli dragged him up the wall of the summer house and pushed him through the hole in the broken dome. A man-trained boy would have been badly bruised for the fall was a good fifteen feet, but Mowgli fell as Baloo had taught him to fall and he landed on his feet.

Then from the ruined wall nearest the jungle rose up the rumbling war-shout of Baloo ….. 'Bagheera,' he shouted, 'I am here. I climb! I haste! Ahuwora ! The stones slip under my feet!' ….. He panted up the terrace only to disappear to the head in a wave of monkeys, but he threw himself squarely on his haunches, and, spreading out his forepaws, hugged as many as he could hold, and then began to hit with regular bat-bat-bat, like the flipping strokes of a paddle wheel. A crash and a splash told Mowgli that Bagheera had fought his way to the tank where the monkeys could not follow …..

Kaa had only just worked his way over the west wall, landing with a wrench that dislodged a coping stone into a ditch. He had no intention of losing any advantage of the ground, and coiled and uncoiled himself once or twice, to be sure that every foot of his long body was in working order. All that while the fight with Baloo went on, and the monekys yelled in the tank around Bagheera ….. Then Kaa came straight, quickly and anxious to kill. The fighting strength and weight of his body ….a python four or five feet long can knock a man down if he hits him fairly in the chest, and Kaa was thirty feet long, as you know. His first stroke was delivered into the heart of the crowd round Baloo ….. And then there was no need of a second. The monkeys scattered with cries of 'Kaa! It is Kaa ! Run! Run!'



Answer the following questions:

1.     What kind of an animal was Bagheera?



2.     Where did the monkeys push Mowgli?



3.     How does a python attack?



4.     How do we know that this part of the story takes place at night time?



5.     How do you know that the monkeys were afraid of Kaa?


  Language record:

1. Find a word from the passage that means.

a.      fear - ___________        b.       breathe heavily  - ______________

2.      Bagheera and the monkeys fight. Instead of just using the word 'fighting', the writer chooses more interesting words, mention any 2 such words from the passage.

a.  _________________          b.__________________________

3. Frame sentences of your own:


Word Class










Directed Writing:

 Imagine you are Mowgli and you are telling the jungle animals how Bagheera, Baloo and Kaa rescued you from the monkeys.

·             How you felt when the monkeys captured you.

·             How did Bagheera and Baloo fight with the monkeys to rescue you.

·             What happened when Kaa entered and how you felt when you knew your friends had come to rescue you.


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