04 February, 2017

Grade 5 - Answer Key

Spreading Goodwill

Answer the following questions:

1. What did the writer's friend admire about the driver?
  The the writer's friend admired the driver's patience even during heavy traffic.

2. What compliments did the writer's friend pay the taxi driver?
  The writer's friend told the driver that he had done a great job of driving. He thanked him for the ride.

3. What was the writer's friend trying to spread?
  The writer's friend wanted to spread goodwill. He wanted to bring back love.

4. Do you think the method employed by the man in this passage will be successful? Why?

Directed writing:
Imagine you are the writer in the above passage. Write a letter to your friend informing him/her about your friend and his efforts to spread goodwill.

Make use of the following points:
·   What method is he following to spread goodwill? OR How is he trying to spread goodwill?
·   Why is it important to bring love back among people?
·   In what way you and your friends can help him?

Dear Reema,
1st paragraph - greeting, purpose of writing the letter and begin with first pointer.
2nd paragraph - 2nd pointer
3rd paragraph - 3rd pointer and conclude the letter.

Yours lovingly,
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