21 July, 2017

Grade 4 Comprehension Blog Answer Key - July 2017

The Silent Shepherd

                                                      - Patricia Moore

  Aaron lay close to his father to stay warm in the cold night air. Nonetheless, a shiver went through Aaron. He wanted desperately to be like his father, able to call to the sheep. Many times, he tried to call to them, but the words never came. He only could make strange sounds that no one could understand. Sometimes, Aaron would see tears in his father's eyes when he tried
to speak. He felt that his father was disappointed in him. He would never be a shepherd.

"Aaron, why are you so restless? It's time to sleep," Aaron's father said as he stroked his son's hair.

Aaron tried to sleep, but all he could see was the sadness in his father's eyes. If only he could talk! His father would be so pleased with him.

After a while, Aaron's eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep. He dreamed that he was able to speak. When he called his sheep, they followed after him. His father's eyes were free from tears.

Suddenly, Aaron was awakened by a brilliant light in the heavens. Aaron's father held Aaron close to him.

They both huddled together in fear.

An angel appeared to them and said," Do not be afraid. I bring you news of great joy. The Christ Child has been born tonight in Bethlehem. You will find Him wrapped in a blanket, lying in a manger."

Then the angel was joined by a multitude of other angels. They watched in amazement as the angels sang, praising God. Then the angels returned to heaven.

Aaron couldn't wait to see the Christ Child. He tugged at his father's sleeve and pointed towards Bethlehem.

"Let us go to Bethlehem and see the Christ Child."

In great excitement, they hurried to Bethlehem with their sheep following behind them.

When they found the manger, Aaron was afraid to come inside. He felt he wasn't worthy enough to see the Christ Child. With all his heart, he wanted to say happy birthday to the Christ Child but he knew he wouldn't be able to say even a single word to Him.

Aaron's father, seeing the fear on his son's face said,"Don't be afraid. Our Savior wants your love not your words."

Aaron held his father's hand. They knelt in
adoration before the Christ Child. As Aaron looked upon the Christ Child, all of his fear left him. How he wanted to be able to wish the Christ Child happy birthday. Suddenly Aaron felt his words ready to burst forth.

"Happy Birthday!" Aaron shouted to the Christ
Child. Tears of joy came to his father's eyes and he embraced his son.

"I love you, Father," Aaron exclaimed.

"I love you, Son."

Overjoyed, Aaron and his father went back to their fields. Aaron spent the rest of his life telling everyone about the birth of the Christ Child and how he once had been a silent shepherd.

Language Record

a) Find the synonyms from the passage:

b) Find the antonyms from the passage:


b) Write the word class and frame a sentence of your own.

word class
I look up into the sky at night and look at the stars in amazement.
The duke fought desperately, but was taken ill at Savigliano and died in 1630.
Gabriel knelt beside him.

Answer the following Questions:
1 What did Aaron see when he tried to sleep?
Aaron could see sadness in his father's eyes as he tried to sleep

2 Pick the correct word from the passage that means "uneasy " .
3. Use the given  phrase in a sentence of your own -
  With all his heart - He wished with all his heart that he could believe what his
    friend was saying.      .

4   What awakened Aaron?
      Aaron was awakened by a brilliant light in the heavens.

5 Do you think you are blessed as you are able to convey your thoughts through your ability to speak? (Application question)
Yes I think i am blessed and i am thankful to God for everything i have especially the ability to speak what i have in my mind and my heart .

6 . Explain the term  "tears of joy"
    To break down in tears when you are happy .

7 What did Aaron want to do as he knelt before the Christ child?
  Aaron wanted to be able to wish the Christ Child "Happy birthday".

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