15 August, 2015

Answer key Comprehension 2

Answer the following questions:
1. The giant did not like children because he felt they were too tiny/ small.

2. The author is trying to say that the giant expected the children to set scared and run away from him, but the children did just the opposite and started to laugh n run towards him, the giant was shocked and surprised to see this unexpected reaction from the children.

3. "But it's just as wrong for us to scare you now that you are smaller than us."

4. app

Directed writing:

In the first paragraph students will write how the giant turn tiny. They will also write about the kids reaction towards the tiny giant.

Inthe second paragrapgh the students will write about the boy that made him realise about his mistake and how did they become friends.

In the third paragraph the students will write about how good is the giant feels on becoming tiny and how he wishes to spend time with his little friends.



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