14 August, 2016

Answer Key for Grade 4 August Blog

Language Record

a) Find the synonyms from the passage:



Shouting loudly


humming sound




b) Find the antonyms from the passage:









b) Write the word class and frame a sentence of your own.


word class




There are many candidates who have applied for the post of the manager in this renowned company



He gulped some water



This math sum is so confusing,i cannot solve it without the help of my teacher.

Answer the following Questions:

1 Why was the forest humming in excitement?

 The forest was humming with excitement because it was time to choose a new president.

2 Pick the correct word from the passage that means " hurried" .


3. Use the given  phrase in a sentence of your own -

Dashed off  - I dashed off to  the bus stop to catch my school bus

4  What are political parties?

Political Parties are groups of people who have the same ideas about how our country should be governed or ruled .

5  According to you,how would you decide which candidate should you vote during an election in your  city ? (Application question)

According to me , I would read newspapers ,watch the news and also read up on the internet and find out which candidate has been sincerely working for his area and his contribution and achievements .Only after I have my facts clear ,I will vote for the person .This person would be someone who does his work with utmost dedication,honesty ,sincerity and integrity and is also sensitive to his people and their problems and addresses them really well and helps them solve their problems .

6 . Explain the term "strode off "

Strode off is to walk with long or extended steps

7 Whom did Monty approach in the beginning to clear his confusion ? Where did Monty go after meeting his friend and what did he do there ?

Monty approached Scotty the Beaver in the beginning to clear his confusion .Then  Monty went to Badger's birthday party and  played games. He also wore a festive party hat and  had  some  cake. When it was all over, he knew that parties were fun, but he didn't know who to vote for.

Directed  Writing

Imagine you are Monty.. Write a letter to your friend about your experience about how you learned the process of voting and voted for the first time .

  • Your confusion about understanding political parties and birthday parties

  • Understanding the voting procedure

  • Your thoughts and feelings about the first time you caste your vote

Dear  Kung Fu Panda ,

How are you ? It's been a long time since I have written to you. I am so excited to tell you that I cast my vote for the first time in the election. I want to share this wonderful experience with you .

           Everyone in our forest was very excited about election this time . They were all set to elect the new president. Everyone was discussing amongst each other as to whom they vote and elect as the new president. I had heard of the elections, but i remained quiet as i was not sure about whom i should be voting in this election. I was not ready for this but my father told me it was an
important responsibility and my mother told me it's my civic duty so i decided to meet my friend, Scotty to know more about elections. Scotty mentioned that i need to learn more about parties as parties will help me decide whom to vote for. So I went to Badger's birthday party and  played games,wore a festive party hat and also ate the cake. When it was all over, i still didn't know whom to vote for. I went to meet my friend Henry who told me that i should know about political parties and not birthday parties. He told me that Political Parties are groups of people who have the same ideas about how our country should be governed or ruled. This cleared my confusion only about political parties and birthday parties but i was keen on learning more about the voting process .

          I still looked puzzled and Henry explained  further that the Political parties are an important part of deciding who to vote for but we also need to find out about platforms. Platforms will tell you what each person wants to do as president. Then we  can decide who to vote for." So I went to the largest platform,the town stage. I danced and sang,but still didn't know who to vote for. I went to meet my friend Rose. She explained that the  polls in an election tell us who is winning and who is losing before everyone gets to cast their vote. Rose said that  it can be confusing, but it's very important. Parties give us ideas about what the candidates believe. Platforms tell us what each candidate wants to do for our country and polls give us information about who people are voting for. I realised  those things are important but I still don't know who to vote for. She asked me to go out and listen and i would know what to do. So I went to the political parties and listened  to the candidates speak about their platforms and listened to the polls and finally made up my mind to vote.Then the day arrived, when i had to cast my vote .

             On the day of casting my vote, i was nervous and excited at the same time.Deciding whom to vote was a big decision. But i voted responsibly and was elated  and over the moon after i cast my vote. It was one of the best experiences of my life as i learnt one of the most important lesson of my life about how and whom to vote. Kung Fu, this year there are elections in your area too. Please make it a point to cast your vote and be a responsible citizen of your area. Please share your experience with me once you do so. Looking forward to listen to your experience .

Your loving friend


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