11 August, 2016

Grade 5 Blog Comprehension Answer Key for August 2016 -17

Answer Key for August 2016 -17 

I. Language Record:

Fill in the blank with the correct synonym for the underlined word from the passage:

1. The children planned to shock their parents. surprised

2. Neha waited impatiently for her Christmas vacation. longingly

3. The children listened to their nanny's delightful stories.  wonderful

II. Answer the questions below:

Q.1. How did Mary take care of her mother?

Mary took  good care of her mother by cooking food for her. She would sing to her at night. She would think about her mother even when she was at school to find simple ways to to keep her happy.

Q.2 The teacher observed Mary was inattentive in the class. Explain.

Mary was inattentive in the class as she was thinking about those red apples that she had seen on her way to school and she wanted to buy them for her mother.

Q.3 Which quality of Mary impressed the man? How did he reward Mary?

The man was impressed by Mary's honesty.Though she was a poor little girl she returned the wallet that was dropped by him. He rewarded her with a dollar so that she could buy apples for her mother.

Q.4 Why do you think Mary could not afford the apple for her mother? (application)

Mary could not afford to buy the apple for her mother as she was a poor girl. She had lost her father and her mother was bound to lie on bed as she was sick so there was no one to earn a living for them.

Q.5 Use 3 adjectives of your own to describe Mary:

poor, honest, caring, responsible, truthful and a good student

Q.6 Complete the sentence in your own words:

How I wish I could eat another ice cream.

III. Directed writing

Imagine you are Mary in the story. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her your experience of being honest and truthful.

Dear Pari

  • Your desire to buy those apples.

It's a long time I have penned you. The weather here is very chill. How about Bangalore? I'm sure it must be really cold there. Pari I experienced something very beautiful last week, just wanted to share it with you. While I was on my way to school I saw lovely red apples at the store I stood there for a while looking at them longingly. I was sad that I couldn't buy them for mom. I can only prepare her a soup. I wished I could give her some fresh fruit to eat. Sadly I left the store and reached school. I was disturbed and inattentive at school. The teacher knew that something was wrong she looked at me as I was distracted thinking of those apples.

  • The man you saw who dropped his wallet.

The school dispersed. I began my way home just then I saw a man ahead of me drop his wallet. It was full of money. I quickly picked it up and wished I could keep it and buy some apples for mom. But then I thought of my mom she would be really sad and unhappy about the fact that I stole. So hastily ran to the man and gave him the wallet. The man thanked me and asked me why I didn't keep the wallet as he saw how poorly I was dressed. I told him that I wanted to keep it and buy some red apples for mom. But that would be stealing and my mom would be very unhappy about that.   

  • Your reward and what were your feelings.

The man was impressed with my behaviour and he rewarded me with a dollar. I was surprised and happy. I thanked him and rushed to the apple store. The man at the apple store recognised me and quickly came out with a big red apple. He gave it to me, I smiled and said that's for my mom. But the man at the store was even more kind to let me have two red apples without any charge. He smiled and told me that the other red apple was for me. My heart was full of joy I thanked him and hurried home with the apples. My mom was asleep I placed the apples and the dollar on a plate where my mother could see them when she woke up. When I told the wonderful story to my mom she kissed me and said, "You see, dear, it always pays to be honest and truthful." I was overjoyed that I had made my mom proud and happy.

Pari I have to say bye to you now. It's time for mom to have her soup. Hope to see you soon.

Your Loving Friend


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